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Aurora Raiten is a National Board and State licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist in practice since 2007. Her many years of experience have allowed her to establish a well-rounded practice, with special interest in helping to navigate chronic illness such as Lyme disease; as well as in pain management, using both massage and acupuncture to rehab injuries and improve endurance for athletes of all levels. Aurora is also a birth doula, and enjoys using all of her skills in working with people throughout the reproductive cycle and in supporting families of all kinds with conception, pregnancy, and birth. She believes strongly in the wisdom of the body and strives to create a space where clients feel empowered to find health and home in themselves in their own way. Aurora can be reached at: aurora@charmingraven.com.

Jessica E. K. Sellner is an Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master with a background in traditional western medicine. She is a student of herbalism and found reiki during her own ongoing journey to physical and spiritual health. Her universal intention is to increase accessibility to all knowledge and healing modalities. Contact Jessica at: jess@charmingraven.com.

Julia Romano is a Certified Yoga Therapist with a MS in Yoga Therapy, and additional Masters in Conflict Management and Clinical Psychology. Julia works with clients to co-create treatments that serve whatever ails in mind, and body. When the mind feels too crowded a space to re-write dysfunctional patterns of self-talk and perception, the body offers a clear, well lit, adjacent space to do the work. And when the body is holding and tensing, it's often reflecting a conscious, or unconscious malaise of the mind. When mind and body are understood as essentially connected, cognitive and somatic processes become powerful partners in the process of healing of every layer of being. Julia is founder of empoweryogatherapy.com and owner of a small Washington, DC Yoga studio, yoganoma.com.

Please contact Julia directly for scheduling: julia@empoweryogatherapy.com.